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Aviator Predictor apk v4.0

Aviator Predictor apk

Aviator is the first and perhaps the most popular crash game. The “foundation” of the machine is a pseudo-random number generator, but here more depends on the player than in slots.

The main action in the game is the flight of the pink corn crop. The higher it rises, the larger the winning odds become. However, the airplane is treacherous and can hide behind the playing field at any time, taking the user’s bet with it. Therefore, you should use your intuition to withdraw your winnings on time.

Aviator Predictor apk v4.0
Aviator Predictor apk v4.0

Advantages of the Aviator Predictor

Advantages of the Aviator Predictor
  • Dynamism;
  • short duration of rounds;
  • the ability to place two bets on one round;
  • high maximum coefficient – x1000;
  • Statistics and online chat with players are available;
  • there is a demo mode;
  • availability of automatic functions;
  • work based on Provably Fair technology – “provable fairness”.
Disadvantages of the Aviator Predictor

Disadvantages of the Aviator Predictor

  • The design is not bright enough according to some players;
  • insufficiently dynamic musical accompaniment.

Features of Aviator slot

Aviator is a game without reels and prize lines. It has the following features:

  • Rounds of different lengths – from 2 to 30 seconds;
  • maximum coefficient x1000;
  • the ability to place two bets on one round;
  • there are functions for automating bet setting and winning withdrawal;
  • chat between players is available;
  • there are statistics of previous rounds of all players.

Aviator Predictor algorithm

Aviator Predictor algorithm

The essence of the Aviator game is simple – you need to follow the flight of the pink corn popper and withdraw your winnings until it leaves the field. Let’s break down the game process into steps:

  1. Place a bet (one or two): enter the amount in the appropriate field and click “Bet”.
  2. Wait for the pink ship to take off.
  3. Click “Cashout” to withdraw your winnings.

The machine has automatic functions: “Auto-bet” and “Auto-cashout”. The first one sets the bet for all subsequent rounds. The second allows you to make automatic withdrawals when the specified coefficient is reached.

RTP in the game Aviator

RTP (return) – the return rate from the amount of bets made. The Aviator slot machine has an overall RTP of 97%. At the same time, it is difficult to say exactly how much a particular user will receive separately: in Aviator, the player himself decides when to withdraw his winnings, so the choice of predictor also influences the return.

The game has open statistics, so you can track the frequency and size of winnings in it.

Game betting statistics

The statistics section has three tabs:

  • “All bets” – all bets of users who play the slot;
  • “My bets” – your bets;
  • “Top” – the best results of players over the last day.

A block with statistics is placed near the playing field (on the side or below). The data in it is updated automatically after each round.

Using statistics, a player can:

  • carry out “work on mistakes” and identify successful and unsuccessful predictors;
  • calculate the approximate time of occurrence of large odds;
  • check the recoil of the machine.

Aviator design and specifications

The design of the machine cannot be called advanced, but it is definitely stylish. The central figure here is the airplane. This is emphasized by color – the corn plant itself is bright pink, while the background is dark gray.

The control panel here is simple, so any player will quickly figure out how to play Aviator. There are fields on the screen for setting two bets. There are “Bet” buttons on them – clicking on one of them confirms the corresponding bet for the round. After the plane takes off, “Bet” changes to “Cashout” – withdrawal of winnings.

Aviator is a game for money, and to make betting even more convenient, the developer has provided automatic functions: auto-bet and auto-cashout. To set a value for them, you need to click on the “Auto” button on the toolbar, and then set the bet size and/or coefficient at which money will be withdrawn accordingly.

The return on the slot machine is 97%, and the volatility is medium-low. However, you need to keep in mind that the results of each round here largely depend on the player’s decision.

Bet and Cashout

To place a bet you must:

  1. Use the “+” and “-” keys (or ready-made values) to set the amount.
  2. Click on the “Bet” button.

Once you place a bet, the “Bet” button will change to “Cashout”. This is what you need to click to withdraw your winnings.

Autoplay and Autocashout

Autoplay and Autocashout

Automatic functions should be found in the “Auto” menu – it is located above the “Bet” button. To set “Auto bid” you need to:

  1. Set its value using the “+” and “-” buttons (or ready-made values).
  2. Click “Auto Play”.
  3. In the window that opens, select the number of rounds in which the automatic value will be applied.

To install “Autokeshout” you need:

  1. Set the odds at which money will be withdrawn (the field is located below, under the “Bet” button).
  2. Activate the “Auto Cash Out” slider.
  3. Click “Auto Play”.
  4. In the new window, indicate the number of rounds.

You can cancel bets with specified parameters at any time. To do this, click “Stop” in the lower left corner.

Game chat

In-game chat allows players to exchange messages in real time. Not only text is available here, but also a variety of emoji.

Why the in-game chat in Aviator is useful:

  • Communication with like-minded people – users find themselves in a circle of people with the same interests;
  • advice from experienced players – users can discuss the game and give recommendations on a winning strategy;
  • the atmosphere of a land-based casino.

You can start a chat by clicking on the button with the image of the dialogue. It is located in the upper right part of the screen. It may not be available in demo mode.

Bonus game in Aviator

The machine does not have a bonus game, free spins or risk game, which are so popular in slots. The main way to increase your bet is to catch a large odds. The maximum multiplier in Aviator game is x1000.

Aviator game predictors

Aviator game predictors

Aviator is powered by a random number generator. Accordingly, it is impossible to predict the coefficient at which the plane will fly away in the next round. However, there are schemes that help minimize risks and increase the chances of winning.

There are many predictors for playing Aviator. Some are based on choosing low/high odds, others on setting two parallel bets, etc.

Tips for beginners:

  • Decide on the bet size. The amount should be small so that you are not afraid to risk it.
  • Moderate your appetite. You should not immediately hunt for a large coefficient. It is better to try to “catch” winnings at a “low” height.
  • Set a limit on the amount of loss. Don’t try to win back if you fail. It’s better to put the games aside for a while and come back to them later.

A demo mode of the machine was created especially for training and testing hack. It is available at any casino.

Predictors for a single bet

For beginners, it is better to start with single bets. This way they will understand how to properly manage the process and work on the speed of withdrawing money. Then you can move on to more complex predictors.

Low risk predictor

This Aviator predictor is based on small bets and low odds. Let’s not hide: you won’t be able to get a particularly big win here. However, such a game scheme will help you get a small jackpot relatively consistently – although you won’t be able to avoid losses here either.

Basic principles:

  • Bet amount 0.1 $;
  • coefficient for withdrawal: x1.01-1.1.

With a bet of 1$ per round and odds of x1.1, the winnings will be 1 $. 100 successful rounds – 100 $ in the user’s pocket.

Moderate risk predictor

Here the bar with the output should be raised a little higher – to x2-3 multipliers. It is better to do this when you understand the principle of the game and can quickly withdraw money.

A bet of 10 $ with odds of x3 will give you a win of 3 $. It will take 33 successful rounds to win 100 $. Multipliers of 2-3 appear in 35-42% of cases. Before you start a series of bets, you should view the statistics. If large odds have recently appeared (x50 and higher), then you should expect x1-x1.05 in the near future. It is better to wait a few rounds and only then place bets.

Strategy for making money quickly

High winnings can only be achieved by taking big risks. The essence of the strategy is the hunt for maximum odds. Reaching x1000 is unlikely, and there are still no statistics on how this multiplier will appear. Experienced players focus on x100-200. They fall out every 60-90 minutes.

Strategy for double bet

The essence of the strategy is the correct combination of bets: for example, one of them must “insure” the other. Players need to combine the two above strategies: “With minimal risk” and “To make quick money.”

Let’s take a closer look:

  • The first bet is large, at the minimum odds: 100 $ at x1.1;
  • the second bet is small, for a large coefficient: 10 $ per x100.

If the second bet is successful, the player will receive 1000 $ . And in case of failure, the first one will “insure” her, which will bring 10 $ in winnings. However, there is no need to exclude situations when both bets fail.

How to play the free version of Aviator

How to play the free version of Aviator

The developers give users the opportunity to test the machine before playing for money. Aviator is an online game that can be played in a demo version in any casino. Most gaming clubs do not require registration. The machine provides virtual chips for bets; you can spend them on bets of any size.

How to download Aviator predictor v4.0 from a mobile phone

How to download Aviator predictor v4.0 from a mobile phone

There are two ways to play games from smartphones: the mobile version of the site and the application. It is impossible to download the machine separately – you can only play Aviator through the lobby of the selected casino.

The main condition for playing for money and demo is to have a stable connection to the Internet. Otherwise, the machine simply will not load, or there will be jerks and delays during the game.

Aviator Predictor Apk is a free program for Android that falls under the “Hack” category.

About the game Aviator Predictor Apk v4.0 for Android
This app was published on Unitech on April 1, 2024, and we haven’t had a chance to try it yet.

We invite you to try it and leave us a comment or rate it on our website. This will greatly help our other users!

Aviator requires Android 9.0 or higher. The current version of the application is 7.0, and you can download it in English or another language convenient for you



In the world of gambling entertainment, there are iconic slot machines that occupy the top rows of ratings in many casinos from year to year. The Aviator game is one of them. It is bright, dynamic, with short rounds and fast payouts. But what users like most is the ability to influence the outcome of a round and place two bets at the same time.