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How to predict the game Aviator

Aviator is a popular game in online casinos, deserving of “cult” status for opening up a whole area of ​​crash games in gambling. The game was created by the Georgian provider Spribe in 2019 and was so loved by players that many online casinos put it in the main menu for quick access. Also, many providers have released their own similar games, inspired by the success of Aviator.

Aviator predict
Aviator predict

The popularity of Aviator is due to the innovative approach of the developers and the creation of new game mechanics, very different from classic slots and slot machines. Players have the illusion that in Aviator they control the game themselves and can cheat Aviator. There are also legends among players that there is an exclusive Aviator predictor that guarantees winnings in the game.

In fact, it is impossible to deceive Aviator – the game is controlled by a random number generator and any patterns here are very arbitrary. But with the use of predictions and some techniques for playing Aviator, you can increase your chances of winning if you follow a certain game plan outlined in advance. But you need to remember that the Aviator game algorithm is designed in such a way that it is impossible to predict anything in it.


What is the essence of the Aviator?

The essence of the Aviator game is that players are offered the opportunity to bet on the flight of an airplane that takes off and crashes over and over again on a screen that resembles an air traffic controller’s workplace. The longer the plane’s flight continues, the higher the payout ratio rises. But as soon as the plane disappears from the screen or crashes (hence the name of this category of games – crash) – all bets are off.

The player’s goal is to exit the game on time and cash out the bet with a profit before the plane disappears from the screen. This can be done using a manual button or an autocashout configured for a certain amount.

Basic rules of the game Aviator:

Aviator rules
  • During one gaming session, the player has the opportunity to make two bets – each of them has its own control panel
  • If the player managed to cash out the bet, the further flight scenario does not affect the payment, the money is already in the main account
  • On average, three out of 100 flights end with the plane never taking off and all the money going to the casino.
  • The minimum bet in Aviator is 0,1$
  • Maximum bet – 100$
  • Maximum winnings – 10 000$
  • The flight path of an aircraft does not affect its outcome in any way – the aircraft can disappear at both the highest and lowest point of the flight

How to win at Aviator?

To win at Aviator you need the right gaming predictor and a little luck. There is no need to look for ways to cheat the Aviator game – there is no logic in the actions of the random number generator.

Aviator win

There are a number of recommendations that will help, if not deceive Aviator, then at least increase the player’s chances of winning:

  • Limit your gaming sessions and stop on time. If you play Aviator endlessly, the probability of losing the entire bank will tend to 100%. Therefore, you need to be able to stop in time if you manage to win.
  • Use financial predictions when betting. In betting, there are several effective predictions for managing the bank, such as “flat”, percentage of the bank – with their help you can structure the game, choose the right bet amount for a step within the predictions.
  • Set yourself a specific financial goal for each gaming session. To stop on time, set a specific financial goal for your gaming session and take a break after achieving it.

Aviator game predictions

There are several well-known predictions for how to win at Aviator – you should treat them critically and first check them in demo mode, which is available in the game without registration. But predictions really help to structure the game, choose the right goal and algorithm of action, and with a certain amount of luck, the gambler will be able to complete the game with a profit.

Aviator Strategy: Moderate Risk

Aviator risk

This strategy is based on catching a 2-3 multiplier, which appears quite often. It is best to determine the exact value of the coefficient that you are “hunting” for and set up the autocashout function for it, since it is difficult to manually catch such a multiplier. In addition, there is always a temptation to wait for a higher coefficient, and greed in the Aviator game rarely leads to anything good.

In the Aviator game, tactics are of key importance and if the player does not have discipline, it is better to use automatic cashout. This function is configured on the control panel for a certain multiplier and when it is reached, the system automatically sells the bet and leaves the game.

Aviator hack for making quick money

This hack is not for how to deceive Aviator, but for getting a “profit” with a large multiplier of 100 and above, which appears in the game approximately once an hour. The player is asked to wait for the moment when the desired odds did not appear during 20-30 gaming sessions and then begin to bet a fixed amount (flat), waiting to hit the “big jackpot”.

This hack is quite risky, since you can not wait for a large multiplier and lose the entire bank – the results of the game in Aviator do not have any pattern and it is difficult to predict anything here. In Aviator, tricks with large multipliers that do not appear over hundreds of gaming sessions happen regularly, as do cases where two huge multipliers follow each other.

aviator predictor hack
aviator predictor hack

Aviator hack: with two bets

In Aviator, the hack (2024) with two bets is that the player sets one bet for a small multiplier, and the second for a coefficient with a large value. The point of such a game is to recoup the costs of both bets by winning at a small multiplier, and to receive a profit if both bets go in – by a small and a large multiplier. This strategy is one of the most reasonable, as it minimizes potential risks and expenses and takes care of the player’s bank.

Martingale strategy

Aviator strategy

This strategy came into betting from casinos and consists of doubling each subsequent bet until the planned win is received. Next, a new cycle of iterations begins with bets doubling the amount. Typically, the initial coefficient is taken to be a multiplier of 2, which appears quite often.

But this strategy has many pitfalls. Firstly, to implement it you need a big bank. Secondly, the maximum bet in Aviator is limited to $100, and with an initial bet of $1, already on the eighth bet in the chain, the player will hit this limit and will not be able to bet $124. And periods in the game during which odds of 2 or more do not appear happen quite often. In addition, it is morally difficult to bet 16 and 32 dollars already on the 5th-6th move in order to ensure the winning of 1 dollar, originally planned.

Table of comparisons of different versions of aviator predictors/bots/hacks

NameAvailable online on the website, no download requiredWorks with all casinos: 1win, 1xbet, yolo247, parimatch, 4rabet, 91 club, pin upUses a secret algorithmWorks on PC: Windows, MacosWorks on mobile devices: Android, iOS, Samsung, iPhoneAvailable for downloadAccuracy 99.9%
Aviator predictor apk❌❌❌❌❌❌✅✅✅❌❌❌✅✅✅✅✅✅❌❌❌
Aviator predictor v4.0❌❌❌❌❌❌✅✅✅❌❌❌✅✅✅✅✅✅❌❌❌
Aviator predictor premium❌❌❌❌❌❌✅✅✅❌❌❌✅✅✅✅✅✅❌❌❌
Aviator Predictor X✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅❌❌❌✅✅✅
Aviator predictor hack bot❌❌❌❌❌❌✅✅✅❌❌❌✅✅✅✅✅✅❌❌❌
Aviator predictor bot❌❌❌❌❌❌✅✅✅❌❌❌✅✅✅✅✅✅❌❌❌

Download to your device

Using the downloader, you can download the aviator predictor apk to any of your devices and use it at any time on your Android smartphone or iOS, as well as Mac OS and Windows.

Conclusion on Aviator game strategies

There are many strategies for playing Aviator and each player can create his own game system. But you should always remember that the game is controlled by a random number generator and any patterns that can be noticed in it are very conditional.


Aviator predictor 1win
Aviator predictor 1win
Aviator predictor 1xbet
Aviator predictor 1xbet
yolo247 aviator predictor
yolo247 aviator predictor


How can you win in the Aviator game?

You can win in the Aviator game if you exit the game in time with a win, stop and end the gaming session if the planned profit is obtained.

Is it possible to make money playing Aviator?

Yes, you can make money playing Aviator – if you are lucky and have enough discipline and endurance to stop the game in time.

How does the Aviator game work?

The Aviator game is controlled by a random number generator, which randomly generates multipliers that appear in the game. In addition, so that the casino can make money on the game, Aviator has a rule built into the software level that on average three out of a hundred flights will end in a plane crash on takeoff and all the money from this session goes to the casino.

How to play the Aviator game correctly?

There are no guaranteed correct and successful tactics for playing Aviator, but the use of strategies helps to structure the game process and complete it on time with a win.

What is the best predictions in the game Aviator?

The best predictions for playing Aviator is different for each player – in addition, many players have their own techniques and skills for playing Aviator.

How to calculate the coefficient in Aviator on which you can make money?

There is no multiplier that is guaranteed to bring profit to the player if you hunt for it – you need to experiment and look for the multiplier that will help you win in Aviator.

How to beat the game crash, get signals for the Aviator, hack the game?

Hacking the Aviator game is technically impossible, and for any attempts to manipulate the casino, the security service blocks the player’s account.